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Artwork for Signs and Banners

We Produce and supply..Logos, decals, signs and lettering - Any size , Color or quantity, cut in self adhesive vinyl to your specification or from your artwork.

Vinyl lettering and graphics are being used increasingly for sign writing, exhibition graphics, van and truck liveries, customizing cars, marine applications, notice boards, banners, road signs and presentation graphics.

The lettering is cut out of a thin self adhesive vinyl film, on a plotter connected to a computer that interprets files produced by a variety of different graphics programs. The resulting self adhesive letters are held in their relative positions by a low-tack application sheet and are easy to apply to a variety of different surfaces, the application sheet is discarded after the decal has been stuck in position.

If you have a computer and use a vector based drawing package such as Corel Draw, Illustrator, Artworks, Xara or Acorn Draw and you don't want to go to the expense of buying all the hardware required for producing vinyl graphics you can send us your artwork by E-mail, as an attachment, and let us cut it on our plotter. We can prepare it for you so it is ready for application by you, or we can do the whole job from start to finish.

We believe a bureau service such as this is useful not only to graphic designers, who already use our facilities, but also to businesses and organizations who have a computer and an eye for design and can make use of our bureau for their own signage and presentation requirements.

If you don't want the hassle of preparing your own artwork we can design and draw logos and signs for you and typeset your text if you send us copy and size specifications.

Designing for vinyl cutting machines is very easy, but requires you to observe a few rules

Don't use small and fiddly typestyles. Anything below 72 point high carries the risk of not working. Don't use blends or graduated tones and expect them to come out. (These can be produced, but they need to be printed, not cut.)

If possible, draw your artwork to scale, if you find this difficult on your machine, don't worry, as long as the proportions are correct we can scale up your artwork, if you specify the size you want when you order.

When you have designed your artwork you must save it in a format that the plotter can interpret. Most drawing programs have the option to save as an .EPS file. This is ideal because it is readable across different platforms.

If it is not available as an option, your native file format is probably best, but you must tell us the name and version of the program you are using, when you send us the file.

Sometimes we have trouble finding the same fonts that you have used, so it always advisable to convert your lettering so that the computer 'sees' the lettering as a drawing and not as a font.

To do this in Corel Draw you must select the lettering and CONVERT TO CURVES. In Illustrator you must select and CONVERT TO LINE In Artworks you must select and MAKE SHAPES.

Most other programs will have a similar menu option available to you.

Now you can either send us your file on a floppy disc or you can send it as an E-Mail attachment. Please specify in your email what type of file you are sending and advise us before hand if you think your file is too large or you want to send many files, it might be worth sending them on floppies, zip discs or CD.

It is often useful to send a hard copy of your artwork, for example by fax or post, because we can cross check it against your file to see that everything is as it should be

Advantage Screen Printing and Vinyl Graphics

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us. Advantage Screen Printing has been in business for 20 years.

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