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About Colors

Our company screen prints - that is the ink is pressed through a screen mesh onto and into the fabric. It is then heated to roughly 300 degree, which cures the ink and creates a bond between it and the fabric that it has been printed on. The ink that we use is very durable, that means you can usually feel it on a light colored shirt and it is really thick on a dark shirt.

Typically one of our shirts will last well over a decade. So after about ten years the fabric should start to break down around the printing - making the ink the only thing that holds it together. - but that's years and years of washing, not a couple of months!

Things to keep in mind for your screen printing order: The more things with the same art (same sized art and colors) the better your price. Dark garments cost more, due to the their manufacturing costs and the longer time it takes to print them .

In printing, everything is about how many colors per side, which really means - how many screens your job has.

The turnaround is 7-10 days, from start to finish, if you need to arrange for shipping please add that time onto the production run. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to call!

Standard Plastisol Inks

Athletic Sporting Goods Colors

Tru-Tone Process Colors

Fluorescent Color Inks

Daylight Fluorescent "NEON" colors are indeed impossible
to replicate on a computer monitor. We present these to
you simply to give an idea of the range of colors available.

Auto Match Colors

Special Effects Screen Inks

NOTE: Colors may vary due to different monitor calibrations.

Color Chart PDF

Advantage Screen Printing and Vinyl Graphics

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us. Advantage Screen Printing has been in business for 20 years.

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